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Appendix A The Theory of Optimal Betting Spreads. Introduction. The purpose of this appendix is to show that the theory of optimal betting spreads for the game of Blackjack has a sound mathematical basis, and to clear up confusion resulting from inadequate or non-existent definitions of the terms which are used. Oct 24, 2018 · I noticed in CVCX that the optimal betting is usually a lower spread than the "EV maximizing" one. I seem to like this as I am playing a low edge game currently and I dont need to spread a lot to crush the game. As my bank is growing I'm becoming more pressured to increase my max bets. However, it seems to be increasing my chances slightly of having more terrible sessions if I get. Chapter 9. Optimal Betting Data.Optimal betting is discussed in many places on the Web and a discussion can be found in Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger. I will not go into the theory here other than to say it is the betting ramp that will maximize SCORE..

Abstract.We develop the theory of Kelly and Thorp in analyzing the optimal bet sizes for blackjack by incorporating the practical considerations of players wherein only a finite number of plays shall occur as well as pursuing maximizing risk-adjusted returns. We show that the ratio of return to bet size is approximately proportional to. Betting Spreads and Positive Expectation.Peter Griffin’s book “ The Theory of Blackjack ” worked out some numbers pertinent to card counters. Using standard Las Vegas rules and a basic High-Low card counting system, a player’s advantage with perfect strategy when the count is zero is.

Betting Spread There are a lot of myths surrounding the game of blackjack-myths that many people take as truths. Many people think that bad players at the table hurt your chances of winning, that counting cards is illegal, that you should never sit in the last position at the blackjack table or other players will blame you for bad luck and a. blackjack card counting betting spread Blackjack card counting camouflage betting greatly increases both your wins and longevity.May 26, 2011 Hey guys, Fairly new to card counting. I am trying to Blackjack card counting. all SCOREs were calculated using optimal betting ramps calculated for each penetration assuming a betting spread of 1 to 16 for.Mar 05, 2013 hi lo betting strategy. Mar 07, 2012 · The author would bet one-hand of $25 to two-hands of $250 1:20 spread, and used no playing cover always made the correct play, and no bet cover always bet according to the count. He only played shoe games, limited his play to large strip casino's, and kept his playing session brief.

Optimal Betting.The optimum bet amount lies somewhere between minimum bet and maximum bet and varies according to available funds, the type of game and the conditions of the particular game. This is where a basic knowledge of the mathematics of gambling, including the theory of probability. Jan 07, 2009 · No problem - I look forward to it, and maybe you can clear up some of my present confusion on the Hi-lo/Zen comparison in this situation. As for the OPP count, I hadn't heard of it, but after your posting I found a Blackjack Forum Online page about it - interesting and novel methodology, although on that page Zilzer only claims "a betting power equivalent to 82% of the standard Hi Lo. for fixed betting schemes. Optimal Betting Spread: The Optimal 1-M betting spread for a given ‘Wonging’ or backcounting strategy, is the spread that minimizes N0. The time to ‘get into the long run’ is minimized, so that fewer rounds need to be played to overcome an initial downswing of standard deviation or 'bad luck'.

For a wide range of games, a range of Optimal Betting Spreads are provided for each system variant, both running or true count, and in the case of Brh-II for side count or secondary count. With the exception of single deck, there are spreads for different play styles, from play all to full backcounting, for single hands and for spreading to two hands in positive counts. Aug 07, 2016 · masque blackjack was/is a blackjack simulator created by Julian Braun in 1980s early 1990s, it uses 1-8 deckers das, late surr, pent 50-80 it does track each card for you how many cards are left in the deck, like i said i used a lvl one count k3 which is almost as equal to hi lo and it ate all 70 max bets, was able to win 3500ish but after that it kept eating max bets kinda like what happen.

Blackjack Forum was published quarterly in hard copy from 1981 to 2004. Since then, Arnold has published issues online occasionally. Since then, Arnold has published issues online occasionally. You will find a wealth of blackjack knowledge in the Blackjack Forum’s Professional Gambling Librar y. It should also be noted that these SCOREs are all far higher than we would see without using optimal betting theory at all. Note: If you do not use optimal betting to compare strategies, you will need to come up with an arbitrary betting ramp. An arbitrary ramp will always work better for.

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